Workforce development: Theme lead: Carmel Clancy

Interest in workforce development stems from a DARC annual conference in 2016 where Professor Anne Roche from Flinders University, Australia, discussed the need for a whole systems approach rather than a focus on workforce training and burn out issues which have more often been the subject of research. The conference resulted in a special focus for a journal and underpinned subsequent research. Addressing workforce training and educational needs has continued as one key focus of the research and links with the provision of masters programmes and a MOOC. However, we are also looking at the roles of different professionals and the increasing inclusion of drug and alcohol workers, such as peer mentors and volunteers, in service delivery. Currently we are conducting research on the role of AOD nurses in a changing workforce. Collaborators in this study are Dr. Adam Searby, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, and Professor Anne Whittaker, Stirling University, UK. One of our PhD students is researching the role of peer mentors/ volunteers as an ‘emerging profession’. Publications from the research are listed on the publications page.

Current and recent research

  1. Clancy C., Thom B., Annand F., Whittaker A. (Stirling University) The role of the alcohol and other drug (AOD) nurse in a changing substance use workforce in the UK. Middlesex Department of Mental Health, Social Work and Integrated Practice, Small Grant Programme, 2020.
  2. Thom B., and Herring R. The role of IBA training in non-medical settings. Funded: Alcohol Research UK, July 2013 – June 2015.