Translating research into practice: An investigation into the adaptation, translation and implementation of contingency management into the routine clinical practice of UK drug and alcohol treatment services

Start: 2022, funded by Society for the Study of Addiction.

Aim: This PhD research will explore the theoretical and practical challenges associated with the implementation of Contingency Management (CM) into mainstream drug and alcohol treatment services. The PhD will draw on theories and research methods from implementation science to investigate the translation, adaption and implementation of CM into routine clinical practice.

Methods will include: a review of the relevant research literature, national surveys of treatment services and drug and alcohol commissioners, and completing case studies in services where there is experience of using CM. These methods will provide a new perspective on implementation and help better understand how services (working effectively with commissioners) can improve the implementation of evidence-based practice in the Addictions.

Research team: Tricia McQuarrie, Postgraduate Researcher, Middlesex University; supervisors: Dr Tim Weaver (Middlesex University) and Dr Nicola Metrebian (King’s College London).

Contact: Tricia McQuarrie,