Full details of research projects are available in staff profiles on the Middlesex University website. Recent, current and ‘in development’ research projects focus on:

Informing the evidence base: e.g.

  • Service delivery: The role of alcohol IBA training in non-medical settings, partnerships as a mechanism for local alcohol policy implementation, workforce delivery.
  • Young people and drinking patterns, binge drinking, alcohol and youth offending, alcohol use in adolescence.
  • Ethnicity: Ethnicity and Alcohol, Polish drinkers, Black and Minority Ethnic groups and alcohol use, problem use and access to services
  • Smoking cessation
  • Stakeholder, advocacy, power and policy.
  • Alcohol and drugs (including NPS) in criminal justice settings.

Developing theory and methodology: e.g.

  • EU CHAFEA project, Exchanging Prevention Practices on Polydrug Use Among Youth in Criminal Justice Systems (EPPIC) EPPIC project
  • The relationship between evidence and policy
  • EU joint action project Standardising measurement of alcohol related troubles (RARHA),
  • Drug supply and drug markets
  • Developing co-production approaches within the addictions field

Evaluation: e.g.

  • Evaluating processes and procedures to improve the uptake of online self assessment tools.
  • Examining the implementation of drugs/alcohol education programmes delivered in schools.

Recent research reports

Moskalewicz, J., Room, R. and Thom, B. (eds.)(2017) Comparative monitoring of alcohol epidemiology across the EU. Baseline assessment and suggestions for future action. Synthesis report. Work Package 4, Reducing Alcohol Related Harm project (RARHA). Submitted to European Union, available at RAHRA Work Package 4 Report

Thom, B., Beccaria, F., Bjerge, B., Duke, K., Eisenbach-Stangl, I.,Herring, R., Holmila, M., Houborg, E., Asmussen Frank, V., Moskalewicz, J., Rolando, S., Thickett, A., Warpenius, K. and Welbel, M. (2015). Stakeholder ownership: a theoretical framework for cross national understanding and analyses of stakeholder involvement in issues of substance use, problem use and addiction. Deliverable D2.1, Work Package 2, Addiction and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe: Reframing Addictions Project (ALICE RAP) Report submitted to European Union, available at

Thom B., Herring R., Bayley M. and Hafford-Letchfield (2016) Delivering alcohol IBA in housing, probation and social work settings: Opportunities and constraints available at